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-More Than Memory The American Conservative-Tolkien was a reactionary, formed by the English shires, brooks, and meadows; his was a sense of natural beauty, harmony and grandeur, and…… America the Beautiful The American Conservative-“America the Beautiful” distills the continental inheritance and pilgrim and pioneer stories that in our sharing make Americans American, and it…… Russell Kirk: American Conservative: Birzer, Bradley J.This engaging biography not only offers a fresh and thorough assessment of one of America's most influential thinkers but also reasserts his humane vision in an…… The Civil Rights Movement and the Politics of Memory-Just as the conservative wing of the Court posited exaggerated racial progress to truncate the Voting Rights Act, they pursue the same strategy…… Why is America so conservative compared to other countries?-I guess America is more socially conservative than Europe, but it's definitely not the most socially conservative developed country. Japan,…… The Fate of the American Conservative AEIThe right became more populist than it was in 2003. To define oneself as a conservative in the 2020s was to reject the ideas and practices of the…… The making of an American conservative New Statesman-Rob Henderson's memoir Troubled paints a bleak picture of poverty in the US. Are liberal “luxury beliefs” to blame? Right Wing Critics of American ConservatismThe American conservative movement as we know it faces an existential crisis as the nation's demographics shift away from its core constituents—o…… Conservatism in the United States WikipediaAmerican conservatives tend to question epidemiology, climate change, and evolution more frequently than moderates or liberals. American origins: Political and religious divides in US collective ……-Origin stories are particularly influential collective memories, establishing a society in the minds of its members. --