Is it Harder to be Conservative in Recognition Mem

-Is it Harder to be Conservative in Recognition Memory ……The purpose of this study was to investigate whether it is more cognitively effortful to possess a conservative bias in recognition memory. Experiment 1 sought…… Failure to Affect Decision Criteria During Recognition Memory ……-When a liberal criterion is set, items are recognized based on weak evidence whereas a conservative criterion requires greater memory strength…… The effect of context on discrimination and bias in recognition ……When the context accompanying a to-be-remembered word is changed between study and test, recognition memory is impaired. The deleterious effect of context…… The reliability of criterion shifting in recognition memory is task ……-We explored 2 research questions: whether criterion shifts within different recognition tasks are reliable across testing sessions and…… Aging and recognition memory: A meta analysis PMC NCBI-In addition, older adults set a more liberal recognition memory criterion and were overall more apt than young adults to judge items as old. Conflict and Criterion Setting in Recognition Memory CORERecognition memory requires both retrieval processes and control processes such as criterion setting. Decision criteria were manipulated by offering…… Recognition Memory an overview ScienceDirect TopicsA recognition memory test is known as one of the tests that requires conscious recollection of previous experiences. However, Gardiner (1988) assumes that…… Response bias in recognition memory as a cognitive trait-Often, average response bias on recognition memory tests is neutral, unless manipulations are employed to push bias in a liberal or conservative…… Auditory recognition memory is inferior to visual …… PNAS-Visual memory for scenes is surprisingly robust. We wished to examine whether an analogous ability exists in the auditory domain. Response bias and aging on a recognition memory taskSome studies have suggested a more conservative bias in older subjects (Ferris et al., 1980;. Vakil et al., 2003). Other studies found age-related increases in…… --