EU Memory Politics Downplaying the Trauma of Commu

-Memory crisis: The Shoah within a collective European memory-This paper analyses the memory crisis resulting from conflicting perceptions of the Shoah in Western and Central Europe. Seven circles of European memory Eurozine-Europe's collective memory is as diverse as its nations and cultures and cannot be regulated by official acts of state or commemorative…… The Holocaust and the Politics of Trauma Stony Brook UniversityMore specifically, we examine how changing representations of trauma and memory of the Holocaust, and by extension reference to mass atrocities in general,…… The Political Force of Memory: The Making and Unmaking of ……-For Remainers, Brexit-skeptics, and the EU-27, pointing to history helped to downplay the rupture of Brexit as a political event with hopes for…… The Past in the Present: Culture and the Transmission of MemoryCultural trauma calls attention to the negotiated recollection of events and to the role of representation. There is power involved here as well, the power of…… The cult of memory: when history does more harm than good-It was a paradigmatic example of what happens when collective memory born of trauma finds political and, above all, military expression. Memory, Trauma and World PoliticsMemory, trauma and world politics : reflections on the relationship between past and present edited by Duncan Bell. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references…… Shadows of trauma: Memory and the politics of postwar identityAssmann revisits the pitfalls of "false memory" and lingering forms of denial and repression, as well as the new twenty-first-century discourses, such as that…… collective memory and the rise of illiberal democracy in ……-In Western. Europe collective remembrance is shaped by the traumatic events of the Second World War, culminating in the victory over fascism in…… Feeling the Heat: Emotions, Politicization, and the European ……-Representations of trauma, for example, can create the emotional attachments required to constitute political communities and identities (…… --